Gordon Borrell Speaks 1-on-1: Managing Through COVID-19

 Download materials from the America's Newspapers webinar with Borrell Associates and Second Street on "What Local Advertisers Need Right Now ... and How You Can Help."

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Sumter paper hosts daily Zoom calls with community leaders (and readers) about COVID-19
The staff of The Sumter (South Carolina) Item is doing daily Zoom calls with community leaders to keep the Sumter community informed … Read More
Galveston paper adjusts print frequency to navigate COVID economy
On April 4, The Daily News will begin a five-day-a-week publishing schedule with an expanded weekend edition and a new focus on … Read More
COVID-19: SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program
In this legal update, William Eck of Seyfarth Shaw outlines the parameters of the eligibility for a low interest loan for small … Read More
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Gannett Launches ‘Support Local’ to Help Small Businesses

Gannett's new platform enables local communities to provide their favorite businesses with much needed resources.


In COVID-19 Crisis, Kentucky Newspapers Step Up

Kentucky’s community newspapers, large and small, in digital and in print, are taking action to keep its communities informed on everything from the latest news about the virus itself to the importance of social distancing. Read this column from Peter Baniak, past president of KPA.

Coronavirus Is Advancing. All Americans Need to Shelter in Place.

The worst of the pandemic is yet to come. Listen to the medical experts. It’s time for a national lockdown.

As Sunshine Week drew to a close, an order of secrecy from the U.S. Labor Department

In an email last week to state labor officials, the administrator for the Labor Department’s Office of Employment Insurance instructed them not to release precise numbers of the unemployed in their states. All of us should be disturbed by this attempt to delay the release of public information collected with the public’s tax dollars. The fact that this demand came during Sunshine Week makes it all the more galling.

Media Must Amplify Authority Over Pols and Pontificators

In this novel crisis, we in media and online need to shift much of our attention away from trying to eradicate disinformation (and how’s that going?) to spend more of our time and resources once …

Learnings for Dealing With COVID-19 Outbreak From Singapore's The Straits Times

In a WAN-IFRA webinar last week, newsroom leaders discussed the impact of the novel coronavirus on their newsrooms, their operations, and their staff. In this interview, Warren Fernandez, …

Download materials from webinar on crisis marketing (what local advertisers need right now)
Materials available now from webinar on meeting the needs of your local advertisers. Read More
COVID-19 tips for working remotely
Special thanks to Laurie Kahn of Media Staffing Network for sharing the following tips for working remotely: Read More
Student Press Law Center: Covering the Coronavirus Pandemic
This 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic is dominating the news cycle as infections — and in some instances deaths — increase rapidly all … Read More
Poynter Announces Free News University Courses to Help Journalism Educators and Students
The Poynter Institute is dropping tuition for all News University webinars and self-directed courses  to help educators and students … Read More
Now Live: Coronanewsroom.org
WAN-IFRA has published a dedicated resource site at Coronanewsroom.org to share our members’ experiences, best-practice, crucial … Read More
Local Media Traffic Spikes 48% in the Wake of COVID-19

Newspaper and broadcast journalists are proving once again how essential they are to our society.

Dallas Morning News Launches Coronavirus Help Widget At the bottom of every COVID-19 story, The Dallas Morning News attaches a widget that directs users to people and organizations in their community who can provide needed assistance. This widget also is being made available to other newspapers.
A North Carolina Nonprofit Assembled an Emergency Team to Report on the Coronavirus Across the State Newsrooms across the country are scrambling to cover the most widespread epidemic in a century. Those in North Carolina will be getting an extra hand.~NEWLINE~~NEWLINE~The nonprofit Carolina Public …
Creative Circle Releases Web Software App to Help Publishers, Communities Cope with Coronavirus Pandemic

A new "What's open?" app from Creative Circle Media Solutions is a self-service module allowing businesses, schools and government agencies to indicate whether they are open or closed using a simple form that then displays that information on websites using widgets. Newspaper staffs can also create or edit listings through the back end of the app.

7 Hard-to-Get Drone Visuals You Can Get During the COVID-19 Pandemic The coronavirus pandemic has newsrooms across the country and the world scrambling to deliver vital information to their audiences. Newscasts and publications have taken on new value at a time where …
YouTube to Reduce Streaming Quality in Europe Due to Coronavirus Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) YouTube said on Friday it will reduce its streaming quality in the European Union to avert internet gridlock as thousands of Europeans, constrained by the coronavirus …
Free Ad Packages Offered by Some Gannett Papers to Help Local Businesses

To assist businesses hurt by the new coronavirus, some Gannett papers are offering free multimedia advertising packages and discounted marketing programs to help those businesses extend their advertising message.

Free Webinar on Thursday: Promotions That Drive Revenue During this webinar, Julie Foley and Liz Crider Huff, directors of affiliate success with Second Street, will be discussing which promotions to run to keep your audiences interested and educated. Plus, they'll give you tips on which businesses to pitch these ideas to, so both you and your advertisers can continue to drive revenue.
How Publishers are Adjusting on the Fly in a Time of Uncertainty Last Wednesday, Adam Ryan, president of the newsletter publisher The Hustle, got a vexing message from one of his clients.~NEWLINE~~NEWLINE~An advertiser that had placed ads with the Hustle every …
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What Journalists Need to Know
Links to stories that help you know how to work from home, story ideas and how to stay healthy. Have a link you'd like to share?  … Read More
Chicago's Metro Dailies Take Different Approaches to Exposure
Even as the COVID-19 pandemic brings shocking cultural and economic developments on a daily, if not hourly, basis, the week of March 9 … Read More
In U.S. Epicenter for COVID-19, Seattle Times Empties its Newsroom
In the corner of the United States hit hardest by COVID-19, The Seattle Times newsroom is vacant. Read More
The Pilot: 'We Exist for Moments Like This'
“In turbulent times like these, our community looks to The Pilot and its publications to provide accurate information and a steady … Read More
Strict Social Distancing is Rigorously Enforced in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette
In addition to the deep cleaning and practicing for remote operations, the newspapers in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette are … Read More
Gain tips for setting up and managing a remote sales workforce

The Sales Team of the Future may be upon us now! In this informative webinar, we will discuss not only what the sales team of the future looks like, but also tips on how to set up and manage a remote workforce. We will look at what skills are needed to be successful in sales and how different strengths can be integrated into a team approach, both from in and out of the office.

A Guide to Taking Care of Yourself and Your Newsroom in Times of Coronavirus The coronavirus pandemic threw a ginormous flaming curveball at the news media industry, from turning newsrooms remote to eviscerating whole streams of revenue. It’s really easy to panic when you …
Graham Osteen: Readers are Depending on Us Now More Than Ever Employees of Osteen Publishing Company were given links to the America's Newspapers coronavirus page and to the CDC website as sites that are "pertinent to our industry's situation, so please refer to them regularly for updates in the coming days."
How Remote Work is Affecting Newsrooms Safety concerns in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic are quickly creating a new normal for media workers. At WNYC, on-air hosts have been given personal microphone sleeves that …
How Will Coronavirus-Related Closures and Quarantines Affect Crime Rates?

I started looking into this question with the thought that we might see crime rates go down if people are at home to protect their stuff. It turns out, the opposite may be …

In Coronavirus Coverage, a Tricky Balance Between Scrutiny and Amplification Remember when the Sunday shows were filled with Democratic presidential candidates, or Republican lawmakers spreading debunked claims about Trump and Ukraine? In recent weeks, as the coronavirus …
Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Iran Covers Up Crucial Information and Threatens Journalists In recent months, the stability of the Iranian government has been threatened by widespread protests in late 2019 and the shooting down of a Ukrainian civilian aircraft in January 2020 amid …
Can the Coronavirus Spread Through Mail?

With many store shelves completely cleared of cleaning supplies and other essentials due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, more people are resorting to online shopping (that is, if they hadn't …

The Psychological Toll of Coronavirus Coverage We already had information overload. Then came a global pandemic. Coronavirus is an “everything story,” as Jon Allsop noted in Monday’s CJR newsletter: “unfathomably huge stories—that are …
The Five Questions Reporters Need to Ask Hospitals and Local Officials About Coronavirus As hospitals around the country fear running out of beds and equipment to treat patients, many of us want to know: How will our local hospitals deal with this crisis? ProPublica launched a tool that …
The L.A. Times Uses Its Physician Owner to Help Explain the Science Behind the Coronavirus It’s not unusual for newspaper owners to have, well, other interests. In the old days of family ownership, it was common for the publisher’s kid to go off to have a different career for a few …
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