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The venerable CBS Sunday morning political news program “Face the Nation” has helped viewers navigate the most newsworthy moments since 1954 — from the Kennedy assassination to Watergate to 9/11 to the financial crash of 2008 But the show has … more
In early January, the Tow Center for Digital Journalism published my report, “Media Mecca or News Desert?” Covering Local News in New York City,” which examined how citywide and hyperlocal news organizations allocate diminishing editorial … more
The older you are, the deadlier the coronavirus is: Nearly 80 percent of people who have died of COVID-19 in the United States are ages 65 and older, according to the CDC. While the virus discriminates by ethnicity, gender, class, and preexisting … more
When it comes to the global pandemic we find ourselves in, are you tired of hearing the quote attributed to Winston Churchill? “Never waste a good crisis.” Maybe you’re also tired of quickly hearing the spirited debate about whether he … more
A cluster of bookish Seattleites dodged winter raindrops on Feb. 5 and filed into the cozy confines of the Fireside Room in the stately Hotel Sorrento. Settling into wingback chairs and squeezing together on couches, the eager readers ordered drinks … more
Protests calling for state and federal governments to reopen have become a source of misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic. A May 7 clip on Facebook shows a doctor giving a six-minute speech about California’s response to the coronavirus … more
The pandemic forced many journalists who previously crowded around media capitals such as New York City and Washington DC to abandon their offices. Some worked from home while others fled their congested cities to work and ride out the crisis … more
“Pick any world-shaking event from 20th century history—none has produced a bigger decrease in [heat trapping] emissions” than this year’s coronavirus, wrote Laura Millan Lombrana and Haley Warren in a May 7 article for Bloomberg Green. … more
As COVID-19 has brought newsrooms worldwide to their knees, one French Canadian outlet is flourishing—less than a year after going bankrupt. Quebec City’s Le Soleil doubled its number of readers this spring as the pandemic swept the globe. The … more
On March 8, seeing the writing on the wall, the roughly fifty journalists at Mother Jones’s offices, in San Francisco, began working from home. That decision was well ahead of the city, which didn’t issue a stay-at-home order in response to the … more
In January 2006, a Chinese journalist named Li Changqing was sentenced to prison for reporting on an outbreak of dengue fever in Fujian province, where citizens had been kept in the dark by embarrassed local authorities. He was literally jailed … more
Turkish media had enough problems before the coronavirus hit in early March. Political polarization, the routine arrest of journalists and the takeover of mainstream media by pro-government allies made journalists’ lives difficult, especially the … more
It is difficult enough living in lockdown. But living in lockstep with bad news makes it even harder. The sheer volume of covid-19 news, its relentlessness, its all-encompassing nature, make it unlike anything that has gone before. According to the … more
The coronavirus conspiracy news cycle has grown more powerful off of audiences that were already susceptible to misinformation about other health care myths, like anti-vaccination conspiracies. Driving the news: The latest conspiracy theory — that … more
Covering a crisis — particularly one the magnitude of the coronavirus pandemic — means pushing out daily stories and providing minute-by-minute updates on infections, deaths, closures and cancellations. But eventually, the curve will flatten and … more
"In uncertain times, communities rely on their leaders to light the way," APG Chesapeake and The Star Democrat of Easton, Maryland, is reminding local business leaders in a new #TogetherTalbot initiative being rolled out this week in the county where the newspaper is published. The newspaper would be honored to see its efforts replicated across the country by other America's Newspapers members. more
As the coronavirus forces most of us to stay home, how can journalists still produce strong solutions stories without the ability to travel even across town, or talk to anyone in person? The good news: while not ideal, good reporting from home is … more
Amid coronavirus-fueled global fear and uncertainty, people want to know what they can do to ensure they are safe. Solid reporting on what is working, from rapid testing to quarantine strategies, helps provide crucial information to individuals, … more
Narrative journalism and investigative journalism have their own protocols and methods, but so does explanatory journalism. Though not named as such, explainers are as old as the journalism hills. That style of reporting gained a name and momentum … more
The first step in retaining the customers being acquired now is to make sure you’re asking the right questions. “You have to ask yourself good questions about what’s going on,” said Robbie Kellman Baxter, subscriptions expert and author … more
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