Available for Shipping on October 1st 2020:

Editor and Publisher’s 99th Annual 
News Media DataBook



The Editor and Publisher 99th Annual News Media DataBook 2020 Edition will be published as one book this year with both the weeklies and daily newspapers combined.

A Detailed Picture of the North American Newspaper Industry


Tens of thousands of facts for more than 8,000 daily and weekly U.S. and Canadian newspapers with a combined circulation of 110.2 million!


Also Included: 

    • Details about Daily and Weekly Newspapers
    • Who's Where Contact Directory of Industry Professionals
    • Specialty & Niche Papers
    • Newspaper Groups, Associations, Organizations and Services to the Industry
    • Advertising Representatives and Newspaper Brokers
    • Ethnic and Religious Newspapers
    • Black, Latino and Jewish Newspapers
    • College and University Newspapers + Schools of Journalism
    • Military Newspapers
    • Alternative Newspapers
    • Gay and Lesbian Newspapers
    • Parenting, Real Estate and Senior Publications
    • News, Pictures and Syndicated Services


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