Column: Wearing a mask doesn't seem like a big ask


Adams Publishing Group is now requiring all employees and customers to wear masks while in offices. The company is also reimbursing employees for buying masks.

In a column in Saturday's Port Charlotte (Florida) Sun, Publisher and Editor It was a smart move to protect our employees and our customers as we reopen to the public soon. It’s also crucial that we do not have an outbreak in our offices. We will cover local news no matter what happens, so we play it safe."

What’s it like wearing a mask at work? "Well, within the first couple of hours of wearing a mask this week, I was annoyed," he wrote.  "It’s hot, uncomfortable and it makes it hard for people to hear what you’re saying. Nobody wants to smell their own breath all day long. We’ll be buying more breath mints..."

But, he said this is the best solution to stop the spread of this terrible virus ... and he encouraged readers to also "mask up to save lives."

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